Cherry trees along the Willamette River, Portland OR

2010-3-8 298

Last year we saw cherry blossoms at Willamette River waterfront and we also enjoy these this spring.
In spring, this waterfront is also crowded with many people who come to see the cherry blossoms.

2010-3-8 309

When we were walking along the waterfront we met an American guy who spoke Osaka dialect Japanese. Back is his family.
His wife comes from Shijo-nawate, Osaka, originally. Cherry blossoms made us chance to meet new friends.

2010-3-8 319

Do you enjoy cherry Blossom this year?

Willamette River


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Burger is not necessarily bad; Burgerville, OR


Brunch took place at 11:00 on last Saturday morning at Burgerville in Beaverton, OR.
I had pepper bacon cheeseburger. Country natural beef and salty pepper bacon made me happy. Of course it included Tillamook cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, onions, pickles. Actually, I think I had a balanced diet.
My wife had halibut fish sandwich, too.

Burgerville; A local buger

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